Lego Sight Words

Baloo is really starting to enjoy reading. Sometimes I catch him reading a book to himself and it just makes me grin ear to ear. I'm trying to get some more sight word practice in without making it obvious that I'm trying to get him to practice reading. As long as its a game he seems pretty receptive!

We recently found 3 big boxes of Legos at Gigi's house (the boys grandmother) and lets just say, Royal and Baloo have found a new love! Legos are now the most played with toy. I've seen a lot of learning with Legos type posts but never paid them much attention since we didn't do much Lego play. But now I'm trying to track down all those posts!

We decided to start with some Lego sight words. While Baloo was at school one day I set up a few Lego sight words and hid them in shoe boxes. I told him to open up the box and read the word…

And then I told him to write the word! (he needs a lot of handwriting practice)


After he was done with my words Baloo decided to make some for me.


Lego learning was a big hit with Baloo! If you have any other learning activities with Legos please leave a link in the comments!

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