Letter F

The further we delve into our ‘letter of the week’ the more fun we have!  We’re starting to explore more books with the letter of the week, so I thoroughly searched our book shelves for all our F books!  The Fire Cat is Royal’s absolute favorite book so he was thrilled to see it out!


We explored the letter a few different ways this week.  First, we got our foam F out and Royal made his frogs hop onto the F.  He had a lot of fun animating the frogs.

We found our craft feathers and played with them for a bit.  Then we made a feather F (this required closing all doors and turning off the fan though)

We pulled out of letter beads to make a letter F bracelet.  Royal insisted on carrying it around as his magic wand instead.  Great fine motor practice either way!



We also pulled out some of my Zoomin Moving ABCs Ff is for Fire Truck pages.  Royal really enjoys dot maker pages so we tend to print a lot of those.  He loves dotting the letters, dotting the pictures…anything with dot markers!

This was the first time I printed out an uppercase/lowercase sort for him and he loved it.  He kept referring to the letters as Mama F and Baby f. 


We had a lot of fun with the letter F and Royal is getting really into the letters.  I have a feeling we will be flying through them now!

I will be linking up with Tot School Gathering Place at 1+1+1=1.

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