Letter Hh Do a Dot Printables

Logi-Bear is proving just how different kids can be.  Baloo was my first ever encounter with teaching kids to read and he just picked it up one day.  It was seriously like he couldn’t read one day and the next he could.  Royal took the opposite approach and learned a tiny bit every day and just continually grew his ability.  Logi-Bear is taking a 3rd route.  Some days he can read some words, some days he pretends to not know any letters.  He does what he wants and when he wants to.  Luckily, I’ve seriously relaxed in the past few years, so it’s all good.

Anyhow, we’re continuing to work through out letters, just learning their shapes and sounds.  He probably knows about 2/3 of the letters and their sounds at this point, but we’re going through the alphabet anyway.  He enjoys the dot markers and extra practice is good!


Included in the pack is pages to practice the letter, letters sounds, graphing, and more!


Download Letter Hh Here


If you don’t want to wait for the free printables to come out every week, there is an option to purchase the entire set on Teachers Pay Teachers!
Check out the full set here


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