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This month Amy Krouse Rosenthal is the author of the month for the Virtual Book Club.  We’ve never read her books before but we have fallen in love!!  Throughout the month we have checked out as many books as we could and we have enjoyed them all.

We decided to do a craft to go along with Little Oink.  Little Oink is the story of a pig who prefers being clean but his family is trying to teach him to be a respectable pig – by having him make a mess!


For our craft we drew and painted little pigs.  Royal (age 3) made thumbprint pigs.  First we painted him thumb pink and then he made a few thumbprints on the paper.  Next he used his forefinger to add a head to each thumbprint.

I helped him add some tails and legs – and we had cute little pigs!!

For Baloo (age 6) I found a “how to draw a pig” tutorial and let him draw his own pig!
(We used this one here)



Next we decided to see what it would be like to eat like a pig.  I had the boys race to finish their pudding – the one rule was that they couldn’t use their hands!  I was anticipating a big chocolately mess.

But apparently Little Oink had rubbed off on them!  They didn’t want to make a mess!


They did think it was pretty funny to eat without hands though.





We decided to end our pig day with a mud sensory bin.  We’ve been doing a bit of yard work lately, so finding some dirt to use was no problem. 

I would have preferred using naturally occurring mud, but since it hasn’t rained it quite awhile we improvised with some dirt and water.  I don’t think they noticed the difference!

They still didn’t want to get dirty!  All mud play was confined to the bin!

I finally resorted to my secret weapon – the 1 year old.  He will gladly get dirty anywhere, anytime.  Sure enough, we gave him the shovel and mud bin and he dug right in – literally!


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