Monster Math – a BINGO Style Addition and Subtraction Game

It’s the math. It’s the monster math. The monster math! It was a graveyard smash.

I couldn’t help but make a monster mash monster math game. I wanted something simple enough to play on a whim but that also worked on some math skills.

How to Play the Monster Math Game

The rules are simple! Roll two dice. Decide if you want to add them together or subtract one from the other. The numbers on the mats are 0-12 so you’ll have to play addition and subtraction to win.

However, I added two more mats to be played as just addition or just subtraction. The addition mat has numbers 2-12. The subtract mat has numbers 0-5.

Then cover the sum or difference.

The goal is to cover one number under each monster – Frankenstein’s monster, zombie, vampire, werewolf, and mummy (all characters from the song. The mummy is meant to represent the coffin-bangers).

If you’re playing solo – you win when you have collected all 5.

In a group, the first person to collect all 5 wins.

We found that this game goes really fast. If you’re hoping for a longer game play you can require all of the numbers to be in a row or diagonal.

Or just play it as a fast game and go through it multiple times!

How to Play with Just Addition or Just Subtraction

I intended this game to be practice for both addition and subtraction. But I know that sometimes you want to focus on just one or the other.

So after the 3 mats for both addition and subtraction I included one for just addition and one for just subtraction.

You can play the game the same way. However, I recommend requiring the numbers to be in a row or diagonally. It will be much easier to win this game as there are fewer numbers and more spaces for each number. (This is especially true for the subtraction mat).

Get Your Download Here

Get your Monster Math game download here

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