Mr Tiger Goes Wild Craft

Peter Brown has become one of our favorite authors.  We fell in love with The Curious Garden (with our fun Curious Garden post here) and decided we had to check out his other books.  So we ended up picking up YOU WILL BE MY FRIEND! , The Purple Kangaroo , and Mr. Tiger Goes Wild.  Mr. Tiger Goes Wild quickly became a “read every single night without fail” book.

We decided to make a quick, fun, and pretty easy Mr. Tiger craft.  I precut the shapes with the thought that this would be a craft for just Logi-Bear.  Had I known Royal would be interested too, I would have let him cut out his own shapes. 

For the stripes we used black glitter.  I love using glitter because it works that pincer grip so easily!  And because glitter is so fun and sparkly.


This is what Mr. Tiger looked like before he got his top hat. 

When we finished Mr. Tiger there was a request to make Mr. Deer too.  I couldn’t say no to that.


Check out more Peter Brown books here:

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