Multiplication BINGO

Memorizing math facts is a big deal in our house right now.  It seems like everyone is working on something different.  So we are using a lot of different methods for memorizing these facts – mostly games.  They love playing the games the first few times, but then tire of them.  So we are playing any game that we think will work.

Check out my guide to effective multiplication fact practice for even more multiplication ideas.


With multiplication, we are memorizing that facts based on factors.  So I made the BINGO game by factor too.  I’ve included factors 1-12 and review cards for 1-3, 4-6, 7-9. and 10-12.

I’ve prepared little pieces of paper you can fold to draw out of a hat or bowl or something.  I simply haven’t found a 12 sided die yet and I don’t know how to make one myself.  Drawing paper seemed easier.  (We did use a 10 sided die for a bit and I threw in 11 and 12 here and there)


For the review, I have included a printable die with just the 3 numbers on it.  So you’ll roll the die and draw a number.


Go Here to Download the Multiplication BINGO Cards!

Multiplication BINGO Cards - Free!  Practice multiplication facts 1 through 12

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