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My First Recipe Book Printable

There’s nothing quite as amazing as cooking with kids. Frustrating, yes. But amazing, too.

I’ve always (mostly) enjoyed showing my kids how to cook decent food and take ownership of their own nutrition.

But that’s not always easy when they’re first learning to read recipes. Especially for young kids still learning to read. Long recipes can be overwhelming.

And that’s one reason I wanted to make these recipe cards.



I first made this recipe book as a present for my niece. At the time, I wanted to give her a present that she could use with just a bit of help. She’s always been an independent kind of kid but being independent in the kitchen at 3 just isn’t totally feasible.



Recipe Book for Young Chefs

There are 11 recipes included in this recipe book set.

They’re mostly healthy (and one for play dough). I wanted to make sure to include foods that would entice young kids but not solely focused on sugar.

There are two options for the cover – one boy and one girl.

Each recipe is on half a sheet of paper. The ingredients are included in photos with the instructions below.



I would highly recommend laminating the recipes as cooking in the kitchen gets messy.

I will admit that my recipe pages are often destroyed by the time I’m done with them, too.


My Little Recipe Book - First recipe book for young kids featuring easy to make meals!


Go Here to Buy the Set on Teachers Pay Teachers

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