Native American Packs Toddler through 3rd Grade

When I think of Thanksgiving I tend to think of the hospitality the Native Americans gave to the pilgrims.  So while Thanksgiving packs with both Native Americans and pilgrims are great, I wanted to do something that focused just on the Native Americans.


What’s in the pack?
Dot the Letters
Prewriting Pages
Cutting Stripes
Gluing Practice
9-Piece Puzzle
Matching Cards
Shape Tracing
Lacing Cards
Native American Matching
Which is Different?
2-Piece Puzzles

3 Part Cards
Patterning Cards
What Comes Next
4-Piece Puzzles
Which is Different?
Prewriting Page
Beginning Sounds
1-10 Puzzle
11-20 Puzzle
Skip Counting by 5s
Skip Counting by 10s
Clip and Count Cards
Dot the Letters
Size Sorting
Shadow Matching
Roll and Graph
Roll and Color

Word Search
Word Unscramble
Roll and Color
1-10 Addition Puzzle
11-20 Addition Puzzle
Spin Addition
Spin Subtraction
Spin Multiplication
Spin Time
Native American Number Bonds
Native American ABC Order
Native American Addition
Native American Subtraction
Native American Roll and Graph
Native American Roll and Tally
Native American Writing


Go Here to Download the Native American Packs



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