New Years Memory Booklet for 2020

The end of the year is the perfect time to record memories and set intentions for the next year

And while 2020 might not have been the year we were expecting, it’s the perfect year to record. We will surely look back on this year in the future and want to remember how weird it all was.

New Years Memory Booklets

For many years I’ve done memory books like this with my kids. I love looking back on previous years and enjoying their answers. Especially the ones from when they were 4 and 5 and the answers were very silly.

This year may have been a bit different but the memory book remains the same. No, I did not change any questions to ask about events of this year.

My favorite part of these books is looking back at how they answered the same questions year after year. And hopefully this is the only year we’d have those kinds of questions.

How to Use the New Years Memory Booklets

To prep your New Years Memory Booklets just cut out all the pages.

There are two versions in the printable – the single version and the doubled up version. The second version is for anyone with more than 2 kids (teachers included). Stack the papers and you can staple then cut.

After you have everything cut out, double check to make sure it all lines up correctly. Not all printers are equal. You want to make sure the numbers 2-0-2-0 line up and don’t overlap too much.

Now you can either staple them all together and let you kids have at it, or let them write and color first and staple after.

I prefer to staple after so I don’t have to deal with the crease in the paper.

All of the pages have a few prompts and questions for your kids to answer. I’ve kept them pretty generic so kids as young as 2 or 3 can answer but they also still apply to kids that are 10+.

For younger kids, feel free to ask them the questions and write it in yourself. You’ll enjoy having their answers written down year after year.

Now put it all together and staple on the left hand side. And you have a memory booklet!

Get Your Copy of the 2020 New Years Memory Booklet

Go here to download the Memory Booklet!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your awesome printable!  Great NYE activity and keepsake!  Will definately being doing this with my 7 and  5 year olds on NYE!  Just shared on Twitter 🙂

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