Our first pre-school post!

Since we haven’t been posting much lately, I think we made our real transition to preschool a few months ago.  It happened so naturally that I didn’t even realize it!  But this is our official transition to preschool!  I’m still getting back into taking pictures while doing school, so I think we’re missing quite a bit.

Our goals right now are:
Counting to 20
Beginning letter sounds
Identifying shapes in the real world
Writing letters
Telling pictures in stories
Comparing 2 objects

 Baloo is 3 years 9.5 months

 From Confessions of a Homeschooler:

Matching number words to the number
I just cut out the individual words instead of letters to start with.  Once he gets this down we will move onto individual letters.

We’ve worked really hard on cutting lately.  There are worksheets all over the internet but what seems to work best is having him cut out our crafts.  He cut about 70% of the stuff for our letter of the day, and by the time we got to ‘z’ he was pretty much a cutting pro.

Speaking of our letter of the day, we finished the alphabet wall!!  I’ve been wanting to do something like this for awhile but lacked the space…well, I have an entire post on it here:

Preparing for writing!  This is a Kumon book for tracing and once Baloo got into it, he finished the entire book within days.

We’re been following the Raising Rock Stars Preschool over at 1+1+1=1.  I really like what Carisa has started with the program, and I’m thinking of using that as a guideline and just adding a few of my own things instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a preschool program.  Anyway, we went though the letter L, but didn’t get any pictures.  This last week we did the letter T.

In our Hooked on Phonics books they have to circle the pictures that start with the particular letter.  I guess Baloo thought we were doing Hooked on Phonics.  He went through each word and determined they started with a T.  And proceeded to circle every word.

And then had to draw his own T

Coloring the “Thou Shall Not Steal” coloring sheet

Talking about the 10 commandments

Crafty things!  Baloo loves to paint and glue, so we do that often.
Yogurt painting (detailed here)

Glueing pasta to a piece of paper.  I let him control the glue, hence the boatloads of glue on this page.  I was as surprised as the next person when the glue actually dried.

Playing with shaving cream – the clean way.  Sometimes we will just play with it on the table, but if it’s one of those days where I don’t want a mess we just put it in a ziploc bag.

Learning toys:
We just got this in the mail and both the boys love playing with it.  They make towers and knock them down, pretend the blocks are stairs, match the colors, match the shapes, and then they fight over who gets to play with what.

Alphabet train!  We got this at Ross for about $6.  It takes awhile to put it together, but Baloo is really starting to understand that the letters and the alphabet song are related.

Nature walk!  We didn’t see much, but there were a few cool parts.

A ladybug happened to be on the plant I picked.  We got a real up close look

After the ladybug flew away, we blew the seeds off of this weed and talked a bit about seeds

And investigating some leaves

And lastly, we got to go on a spontaneous zoo trip yesterday.  It’s a pretty decent drive, so we don’t get to go often.  They have a lot of exhibits where the animals can go right up to the glass.  It’s crazy to see these wild animals so close

And they have these bikes that create energy.  When you start pedaling the big blue and yellow things start moving. 

I’m so excited to be starting with preschool!  Make sure to check out the Preschool Corner at Homeschool Creations for some great preschool ideas!

6 thoughts on “Our first pre-school post!”

  1. Aww Very cute! Looks like you had a great week!
    We are enjoying the spring weather as well. ๐Ÿ™‚
    It looks like you Cloth Diaper too! Would love your to hear what you like. I have #4 due in July and am looking into CD.

  2. Congrats on #4!!! And your daughters are all beautiful!

    Yes, we do CD! I have a pretty wide variety in my stash, but Applecheeks are probably our favorite. I also like Babykicks, although I haven't used them too much yet.

    But my new thing is fitteds with wool covers. Favorite fitteds would be sustainablebabyish, goodmamas, cricketts, bagshot row bamboo…and my favorite wool covers and sustainablebabyish, aristocrat, disana, and of course my own lol. I knit wool covers for sale at wooltopia.com if you want to check it out!

  3. Welcome Back! I always enjoyed checking your block out on tot school posts because our sons are the same age ๐Ÿ™‚ I look forward to checking out future posts for ideas.

  4. Wow! Awesome week! And i love your new blog look. His cutting skills are great!! And i lvoe the idea to paint with yogurt. I may have to do that ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Welcome to the Preschool Corner!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I think you will have lots to do using the Raising Rockstars from Carisa. She has some AMAZING stuff planned for it all.

    Thanks for joining up with us.


  6. Raising a Happy Child

    Visiting from Preschool Corner – what a great start of preschool. Your alphabet arts look amazing. We really need to work more on cutting here – I wish I could convince my daughter to try something other than straight lines – she so hates to make mistakes.

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