Our New Schoolroom!

Every few months I get the urge to change things up and this time we actually switched 2 rooms out.  Our living room and toy room were swapped.  And with that move, I combined the school room and the toy room…and also my “office” and an extra bed.  It’s taking a multi-purpose room to a new level.

It’s been in progress for weeks but I am happy to announce that it is finished!! (well for the time being…)


Looking in from the door.  Our spare bed (mostly used for jumping these days or curling up with a good book).  The brown shelves are mostly for Royal.  Theme stuff on top, library books in the red box.  The top shelves are his tot school trays and the bins on the bottom hold dress up stuff and homeless toys.

Close-up of our calendar.  I saw the idea of patterning the calendar numbers at Homeschool Creations (I think…can’t find the post for the life of me now!).  I am a bit compulsive when it comes to things matching so I remade all the printables you can find at 1+1+1=1, Homeschool Creations, and Mama Jenn with matching fonts, colors, and layouts.  I’m not planning on offering them for printables if only because you can find it all at one of those 3 blogs.  The Bible verses are from RRSP.  I add them as we go through them with Baloo so now we have A-C there. 
For the calendar pocket chart I used a tutorial from A Heart for Home.  It was SO easy to do and I love how it turned out!  I actually like this one better than the regular sized calendar we used to use!


From another angle – bookshelves.  Our books are kind of organized.  They get messed up a LOT even with my color-coded dot system.  The white shelves have toys in them – ranging from legos to Mr. Potato Head.  On top we have our iPod stereo.  The 1, 2, 3 boxes are from Ikea and have mostly crayons, dot markers, glue, and the like.  Next is a bin full of board books.  On top of that is all our binders, and the lap desks.

And the last view – my “office” and Baloo’s workboxes.  The keyboard is (hopefully) temporarily located on his shelves since this room is jam-packed.

Workboxes up close.  Baloo seems to be doing well with the freedom to choose what he wants to do on a daily basis.

Royal’s shelves.  This week is C, cats, and yellow.DSC05254

The trays have shapes, puzzles, lacing beads, and letters with matching cards.

And that is our new school room!!  It feels so good to have a nice dedicated space again!!

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