Paper Dolls for the Seasons


We are rowing Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? right now and I wanted to get some paper dolls so we could practice dressing them.  Then I thought, why not have them appropriately dressed for the weather!  So the clothes are for the seasons.

First we separated the clothes by piece of clothing.



Then I started calling out seasons and asking what he might wear.  They needed a bit of help identifying what the weather would be like during each season, but then they were pretty good with the clothes!


This is fall (though I would have preferred the sneakers…)
And finally, spring!!

Then it was time for some free play.  Apparently all the cool kids wear pants on their ears!


I’ve included the paper dolls for download, including a boy and girl version, and two different skin colors for each.  Plus 4 pages of clothes!!



Go Here to Download the Paper Dolls

preview copy

Free Paper Doll Pattern to practice dressing for the seasons!  Girls and boys included!

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