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Pumpkin Time – Reading Clocks with Pumpkins

It’s officially time to get ready for fall. Which apparently means everything pumpkin. Now, I love pumpkin spice lattes as much as the next person, but I do have my pumpkin limits. This adorable pumpkin time telling clocks were not past my limit though. Let’s face it, learning to read analog clocks is not the most exciting activity ever. Even worse, it’s hard to convince kids that it’s even useful. Heck, I thought it was a waste when I was a kid! It’s even less useful now. But, it’s worth learning, so we push it.


Pumpkin Time Clocks

We made a generic version of this clock a few months ago but it’s novelty has begun to wear off.  This one I made sure to print out the hands to label minutes and hours.  It’s one bit that seems to get us every time.  I love that the minute hand reaches all the way out to the minutes.  It really helps with that visual of which hand points to what number.


Make Them Last

To make these last a bit longer, I laminate them (This is a great laminator, if you’re looking.  And really inexpensive.)  I find that using cardstock with them also makes a big difference.  With things that we use over and over again, I try to make them last.  The lamination plus card stock pretty much ensures that we won’t wear them out.

How to Tell Pumpkin Time

I thinking “pumpkin time” is going to be a little joke in our house.  But this clock is just so much fun!  A few ways to use it:

  • You set up the time and ask them to read it
  • You do the hour and ask them to move the minute hand to the right spot
  • You do minute and ask them to move the hour
  • Set up the time and ask them what time it would be 15 minutes later
  • Just put out the hour numbers and read the time
  • Have them set up the clock – practices skip counting by 5’s!

Go Here to Download the Pumpkin Clocks!

Make telling time practice fun with these engaging pumpkin time telling clocks!  Easy to print and set up and fun to play with.


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