Zoey and Sassafras – Kid Made Ornament

Two of my boys, Royal and Logi-Bear, are huge fans of Zoey and Sassafras. They eat up every new book and love anything to do with either Zoey or Sassafras (but particularly Sassafras, because cats).


We’ve been trying to transform our tree into a memorial of all the books we’ve read. This was the perfect one to start with since they are both so passionate about the series.


Decorate your book tree with this fun Zoey and Sassafras Kid Made Ornament! #KidMadeChristmas

Don’t Have the Books?

If you have a child between 5 and 9, these books are great. Zoey and Sassafras is a science-based series.

Zoey is a kid scientist who can talk to magical creatures. The creatures know they can go to Zoey’s barn and ask for help when needed, and always receive care in return.

Each book in the series focuses on a different creature and solves a different problem. You can learn about mold, bacteria, reptiles, pollution, and so much more.

How to Make Your Own Sassafras Ornament

Orange Yarn
A small amount of black yarn
Orange Felt
Wiggly Eyes
Glue gun
Optional – small gem or bead for a nose


First, we’re going to make a pom with the yarn. Start by spinning the yarn around 3 fingers. Don’t spin too tightly or it will hurt your fingers.


Next, slide the yarn off your fingers, being careful to keep it together in a big loop.

Ask for help from a friend for the next part.

Cut another piece of the yarn and lay it down flat. Hold down your big loop on top of the yarn.

Ask your friend to tie a tight knot around the loop. Then flip over the loop and double tie a knot on the back.

Tie the two long pieces together. This will be how you hang up the ornament.


To finish the pom, cut the ends of the loops. Make sure not to cut the long piece for hanging or the piece you knotted around the middle. If you cut the middle piece the pom won’t stay together.

Once all the loops are cut, fluff up your pom.


Now you need to add eyes. We choose to flatten the tops of ours a bit before adding eyes.

Use a glue gun to stick the eyes on. Even if you have self-adhesive wiggly eyes, I suggest using the glue gun.

Next, cut two triangles from your felt. Glue them on to the top of the head.

Lastly, glue two small pieces of black yarn to form the mouth.


Now you have a Sassafras of your very own! You can even snuggle with your Sassafras while reading the books.



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