Shamrock Guess That Number

This was a new game for us and I was hoping it would be a hit.  I have to admit, it went even better than I thought.  All the boys ended up getting in on it and we practiced all kinds of math concepts.  100s chart, even/odd, greater than/less than, and more.



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Royal and I started out as a team while Baloo guessed the number.  I encouraged him the first time to ask questions like:

Even or odd?
Greater than or less than 50?

I provided him with a 100s chart and encouraged him to guess within certain rows and columns.  Is it in the 3’s column (numbers ending in 3, so 13, 23, 33, 43, etc).  Or is it in the 6 row? (60-69).

When Royal switched to the guessing side I would give some hints like “It is 10 less than 27”.



I gave them a 100s Chart (actually goes to 120) and some gems so they could try to track their guesses.


The whole game got pretty silly but we actually had a lot of fun playing!  The more numbers we did, the better they got.  I think the next time we play we will keep track of how many questions they ask and encourage them to ask the least amount of questions possible.

Go Here to Download the Guess That Number Cards!guessthatnumber

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