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Shamrock Make 10

Day 3 of my St Patricks Math series!  I’m actually enjoying these math activities for a change!!

I’ll admit, preparing fun and engaging math activities is more difficult than worksheets and straight up math.  But I promise, it is totally worth it!!  I’m constantly hearing “but when will I use this?” and “why is this important?” (not from my kids but from other parents!).  I promise you, having a good background in math isn’t just important, it’s useful.  And having a good understanding of math is the first step.  Where math failed me when I was younger is having a thorough understanding of math.  These days, being able to grasp math from multiple viewpoints if heralding.  Being able to solve one math problem in multiple different ways just sets kids up for success.

So when I see a way to encourage understanding of math, I embrace it.  I LOVE the 10 frame.  I don’t remember this from my childhood so I’m assuming it’s a relatively new method (as in, not 30 years old!).  But I love it because it attaches meaning to the numbers.

Anyway, onto the 3rd day of St Patricks Day Math!!



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I love the tools we present to kids today in the form of shortcuts.  Doubles and make 10.  Because if you can take 8+4+2 and realize that it’s really 10+4, life is just that much simpler.  So I’ve been putting a lot of emphasis on learning doubles and how to make a 10.  This exercise was simply a way to visualize the different ways to make 10 using a 10 frame.  I love being able to do 10 frames hands on where they can manipulate the numbers.

I presented the page with two different color gems (green and gold for St Patricks Day, of course).  I provided 10 of each to illustrate everything from 10+0 to 0+10.  And I also put out a yellow and green marker so they could record their results (not wholly necessary!)   IMG_5929


Before I called them over, I set up the first problem.  I like to do this to erase any confusion over what to do.



Sure enough, they jumped right in!  I love having the different colored gems to really illustrate the two addends.



We continued exploring what different numbers make 10 (although we never hit upon 10 and 0).



You can download the 10 frame and recording chart here!


Shamrock Make 10 Addition Practice First Grade

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