Shamrock Shoot – Number Sense, Addition, and Multiplication

I know there are a lot of opinions on toy guns.  This post involves NERF guns.  If that isn’t something you do or let in your house – you’ve been forewarned.

But this isn’t a dialogue on toy guns – this is just a post that happens to use toy guns.  Because my boys LOVE NERF guns.  And I am more than willing to incorporate that love into learning.


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I used the same cards that I printed for the Shamrock STOMP.  This set up is for Royal, practicing addition with numbers 1-6.  I could have used two dice to determine what we added, but I didn’t feel like tracking down the dice.  So I just called out what I felt like.

It’s been beautiful here so we’ve been outside quite a bit.  I was a bit worried about bullets going over the wall but we lucked out.



Very simple – I’d call out two numbers to add together.  He’d yell the answer and then shoot it.  I was all worried about knowing which number he’d shot, but it really didn’t matter.  He figured out the answer and took his best aim.


All in all, Royal and Logi-Bear played a lot longer than I thought they would.  Baloo was never really into shooting answers.  He’s not often taken in by little games like this.  So it was a nice surprise when the younger two really enjoyed it!  We will definitely be playing this game some more with them.


Shamrock Shoot - Practice number sense, addition, and multiplication! Just do the math and shoot the right target!

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