Shamrock Skip Count Hop

We don’t have a driveway or walkway or any area where we can really get out with sidewalk chalk.  So sometimes we get new sidewalk chalk and head to the park.  It’s always a fun treat and met with enthusiasm.  I decided to take advantage of that enthusiasm to get them to practice some skip counting.  Because, why not?  The thing with skip counting is that it’s all about practice.  So we try to just make that practice fun!




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Of course, to make it more “St Patrick Day-ey” I put the numbers in clovers.  The boys decided they wanted to count by 5s, so that’s what we did!


Baloo offered to write the numbers.  Score for extra practice!!IMG_6039

There are so many ways to do the next part.  We decided to take a clue from regular hopscotch.  Each boy picked a rock, tossed it, and skip hopped to the rock.  IMG_6041
They also just ran through it saying the numbers as fast as possible.  Whatever gets them excited!!IMG_6042


Shamrock Skip Count Hop - practice skip counting in a fun and active way!

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