Skeleton Labeling 3 Part Cards

A few weeks ago I worked with Holly at Kids Activites Blog on a really fun skeleton labeling printable (Holly is the genius behind that one, I just put it together).

I thought it was a LOT of fun, but for my guys, especially Royal at 4 years, I knew we would need a bit more practice.  Since we love 3 part cards, I thought I’d make some matching 3 part cards for this project!


These cards just feature 9 of the most basic bones, but they’re also the 9 bones that appear on probably every skeleton Halloween costume out there.  Each card has an arrow pointing at a different bone and it is labeled on bottom.

I made this as full sheets for anyone who wants them large.  We printed them out at 4 to a page for smaller cards.

Go Here to Print Out the Skeleton 3 Part Cards!


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