Slimy Gooblek–Sensory Play Party

I’ve been experimenting with some sensory recipes and finding some that work and a lot that don’t.  Experimenting is fun though!

Slimey Gooblek - Fun Sensory Play

This one I thought was particularly fun, although also quite messy. 
Slimey Gooblek - Fun Sensory Play


I took the recipe for slime and added cornstarch to it.  In the end it is goopy, slimy, and a lot of fun.  Since it’s kind of a cross between slime and ooblek and goop, I call it slimy gooblek.  Smile

Slimey Gooblek - Fun Sensory PlaySlimey Gooblek - Fun Sensory PlaySlimey Gooblek - Fun Sensory PlaySlimey Gooblek - Fun Sensory Play

Slimy Gooblek

What you’ll need:
Plain White Glue

In a medium size bowl, add about 1 bottle of glue (8oz) to about 1 cup of hot water.  Stir together.
In another bowl add about 2 tsp borax to 1 cup of hot water.  Stir until borax is dissolved.  Add in about 3 tablespoons of cornstarch.
Pour the glue mixture into the borax/cornstarch mixture.  You should get some globs from the glue and borax combining.
Add more cornstarch in until you have a mixture you are happy with.

I’ll admit that I didn’t use any measurements.  I just poured and added more of whatever.  Just play with it!

Slimey Gooblek - Fun Sensory PlaySlimey Gooblek - Fun Sensory Play

You can pick up the mixture but it is slimy and like cornstarch, settles quickly.
It was a bit watery for my taste so I let it sit out overnight.  The texture in the morning was much thicker, but not as slimey.


Now it’s time for the Sensory Party!  First, I get to feature 4 of my favorites from last week!


1.  Christmas Playdough Activity Tray from Happy Hooligans
2.  Christmas Tree Sensory Bags from Gift of Curiosity
3.  Snowman in a Jar from The Connections We Share
4.  Simple Christmas Sensory Play from My Nearest and Dearest

I hope you’ll join in on the sensory play party! We would love it if you’d add the button to your post, though it’s not required.

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