Snowy Wonderland Sensory Bin

We do not often get snow here in Southern Alabama, and when we do it doesn’t stick (last year it didn’t even get the ground wet!).  So I decided to bring the “snow” inside with a snow theme for the entire month of December.  Just about everything we working on will be with the snow theme since we’ve taken the month off of regular school work.

In this bin (though it’s hard to see since it’s all white!)
Fake Snow (from Michaels – the stuff you’d use for a small Christmas village)
Cotton balls
Snowflake decorations (Michaels)
White nesting bowls (were at the $1 spot and Joanns a few years ago)
Paint tray (Wal-Mart)
Measuring cups
Old juice lids
Clear glass beads (Wal-Mart, though they are much cheaper at Dollar Tree)
Snowflake Wands (Michaels)
Snowman gel cling (Target)

This bin has been VERY messy.  That fake snow does not clean up easily!  But the boys are really learning the lesson of being careful while playing.  And I have been making them clean up the mess!



They really love this bin and they usually just jump right into it.  I have a hard time getting pictures though!
Baloo showing off his snowman

He put cotton balls in the paint tray.

We’re about to row Katy and the Big Snow so I put some snowplows in there for them to push the snow around with.

Like I mentioned earlier, this bin is very messy.  The fake snow is a pain but I think it is so worth it!  The boys are really enjoying this bin and having a blast playing with it!  I’m okay with having to vacuum up some snow at the end of the day for that!

Here are some other winter/snow sensory bins I’ve found
Linton Academy

Have you made a snow or winter sensory bin?  Leave a link in the comments so I can check it out!

5 thoughts on “Snowy Wonderland Sensory Bin”

    1. I really don’t have a good system set up yet.  When we’re done with a bin I usually separate everything into ziploc baggies.  Unfortunately at that point my organization fails because I don’t really have a place for all the baggies. So far they just sit in a box.

      We’ve only had a few sensory bins and haven’t had a chance to reuse too much yet.  I do try to use items that we already own most of the time, so I’ll just put those items back where they came from.

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