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Spring No Prep First Grade Math!

Spring!  Time of new beginnings!  I love spring.  I love the newness and the weather.  Gardening and playing outside.  Spring is just beautiful – even here in Arizona.  Although it’s probably not a traditional spring here, it’s still lovely.



So what’s in the pack?

30 Pages of No Prep Math Fun for First Grade!

Number bonds
Addition Doubles
True or False Addition and Subtraction
10 More 10 Less
Fact Families
Roll, Add, Color
Missing Addend Addition
Decomposing Numbes
Adding a 2 digit and 1 digit number
Addition and Subtraction Sorting
Word Problems
Add or subtract
Greater than, less than, equal to
Skip Counting by 2s
Color by addition and subtraction
Expanding Numbers
100s Chart
Counting On
Graph and Tally
Number Order
Part, Part, Whole
3 Addend Make 10
Odd or Even
What’s My Rule?
Ordinal Numbers


There are a LOT of math concepts covered in this pack.  And each page contains a spring related theme.  Flowers, kites, bugs, gardening, rainy days, and more!


Check out the No Prep Pack here!

Spring No Prep First Grade Math Pack

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