St Patrick’s Day Addition Riddles

My kids love puns and riddles and jokes. Even really silly jokes can often elicit a smile.

So I love to include them in our school work.

St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day isn’t one of the major holidays but it’s still a fun day!

We typically have fun by dressing up in green and eating rainbow foods.

My favorite part of St Patrick’s Day is that I can use it as a fun theme to get my kids more excited about math.

And I’m loving this idea in creating a Leprechaun trap and then adding fake green footprints. This tutorial on how to make leprechaun footprints should be a great help!
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St Patrick’s Day Riddles for Addition Practice

These addition riddles are a silly way to get your kids to practice their addition – and maybe even laugh a little.

I love activities that get my kids practicing their math without complaint. Though, that’s not always easy.

But since my kids love puns I can usually get them to do activities like this addition riddle set.

This set features addition problems under 20 – and the jokes match the age range!

How to Use the St Patrick’s Day Addition Riddle Set

Materials Needed:

  • Scissors
  • Pen/Pencil/Marker

There are two pages for each joke/riddle. The first page has the addition problems on cards with a letter in a black rectange in the top left corner.

The second page has the joke/riddle written out with numbers in boxes.

Start by cutting out the cards on the page with the addition problems.

Leave the page with the joke/riddle and numbers in tact.

Once the cards are cut out, have your child solve the addition problems and write the sum on the card.

Then have them match the sum on each card to the large number on the joke/riddle page.

Once all of the cards are on the page, write the letter from the top left corner on the space at the bottom of the page – make sure to put them in the correct order!

Now you can read the answer!

Get the Addition Practice Printable

Get you addition printable below:

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