St Patricks Day First Grade No Prep Math

I LOVE St. Patricks Day.  And totally for superficial reasons.  Mostly because my maiden name is Erin Grady (descendents of O’Grady) and I feel a tie to Ireland.  I’m not totally on board with the meaning of the holiday, but on a very superficial level, I love it.  So we spend out time wearing green, making other things green, and playing with clovers.  I cannot claim that we really portray the holiday for what it is, but we do make it fun.


So I also enjoy making pages that represent the stereotype of the holiday.




This no prep pack is meant to be quick and easy math practice for 1st graders.  Royal (my 1st grader) enjoys flashy pages.  While he doesn’t really do a lot of worksheets, I try to present him with some practice in an entertaining manner to see if he will bite.  Sometimes he does, sometimes he doesnt.  He’s one of those kids who acts totally on his mood.


Anyway, I tried to represent a variety of math skills so that there is something that appeals to everyone.  And I did my best to make it FUN.


What’s in the pack?
Roll, Add, Color
Color by Addition and Subtraction
120 Chart
Graph and Tally
Shamrock Number Bonds
Shamrock 10 more 10 less
Addition True or False
Spin the Time
Addition Word Problem
Subtraction Word Problem
Make 10 to Add
Decomposing Numbers
Add or Subtract
Fact Families
Pot O’ Gold Addition (two digits plus 1 digit)
Addition Sorting
Domino Doubles plus 1


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St. Patricks Day No Prep First Grade Math Packs

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