St Patrick’s Day Multiplication Maze

Looking for fun multiplication practice? You’ve found it with this St Patrick’s Day themed multiplication maze.

St Patrick’s Day Multiplication Maze

I’m a big believer in the idea that some subjects require a lot of repetition.

I’m also a big believer that repetition done wrong can be so boring.

So I’m constantly looking for ways to make those subjects a little more exciting. And one way is by creating many different types of activities around that subject.

Multiplication is one of these topics so I have a lot of multiplication resources.

And mazes, like this St Patrick’s Day maze, are some of my favorite. It’s such a simple activity, moves quickly, can be used over and over again, and is great for memorizing multiplication facts.

How to Use the Multiplication Maze

Materials Needed:

  • Dice (two 6-sided dice)
  • Small objects to mark spaces
  • Printable Maze

Alternately, you can laminate the maze and use dry erase markers to map out your maze. This is an especially good idea if multiple kids will be using the maze or if you plan on using it over time.

The game play is simple – roll the dice, multiply the numbers together, and cover one spot on the maze with the product.

For instance, if you roll a 2 and a 5, you’ll cover a 10 on the maze.

There are multiple squares for each product so choose wisely!

Two things to note:

I have two rules for my kids that you may want to adopt.

First, no moving diagonally. This is just to ensure they get enough multiplication practice. Moving diagonally would shorten the maze significantly.

If you’re trying for a quick maze you may want to allow diagonals.

Second, there is no moving a covered space once it’s picked! Sometimes later in the game they’ll want to move their little marker from one number 10 and put it on another number 10. But that’s not how the game works!

Get the Multiplication Practice Maze Below

Get the St Patricks Day Multiplication Maze Download here

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