Star Wars Multiplication Mazes

Star Wars and Multiplication is a great combination – if you have Star Wars fans that need to work on their Multiplication facts.

These mazes are great for simple, easy, and fun multiplication fact practice.

They aren’t just boring worksheets. And you can use them over and over again.

Star Wars Multiplication Mazes

It’s always so hard to get my kids to practice their multiplication facts. I do my best to engage them with fun activities for multiplication fact practice.

And fun themes can often do the trick.

Right now, they are motivated by Star Wars – so a new Star Wars Multilpication printable was needed!

How to Use the Star Wars Multiplication Mazes

These mazes are really simple to use – which (imo) is part of their beauty.

All you need is the printable, two dice (or the printable dice put together) and something to mark off where you’ve rolled – this can be a pen, pencil, marker, etc. Or something that you place on the page like cheerios, glass gems, mini erasers, etc.

There are two ways to make this reuseable.

Option 1 – laminate (or use sheet protectors) and mark off spaces with a dry erase marker

Option 2 – use small objects to cover the spaces and don’t mark on the maze at all

Game play is simple – roll the two dice together and multiply the numbers.

Once you’ve figured out your product, mark off one of the spaces on the maze.

Keep rolling and marking off until you have a clear path from Poe to the X-wing.

Brand new – a maze for higher numbers!

I’ve added a second maze to this set for higher multiplication numbers. There are two printable dice provided to be used with this maze. One die has numbers 1-6 and the other has numbers 7-12.

So the products are all products with those two printable dice.

Make it Two Player

If you have multiple kids working on multiplication facts, you might want a game they can play together.

Simply use this maze and have them take turns. Whoever makes a complete maze first wins.

You might need to change the rules to allow diagonal moves.

Even More Star Wars Printables

We are Star Wars lovers in this house and so we have a lot of Star Wars printables. Make sure to check out the entire collection for even more fun Star Wars Learning.

Star Wars Learning Printables

Get Your Download Here

Go here to get your copy of the Star Wars Multiplication Mazes

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