Swing In To Summer Learning Week 5: Monsters

We have just started really using week 1 and I have to say, it’s going better than I thought.  None of them like to write and there is a good amount of writing in the program.  But they don’t mind this writing!!  Baloo, the one most adverse to writing, actually asked me to print out another one of the creative writing pages.  He wanted to write MORE.  For anyone that knows Baloo, they know what a huge step that is.


So this is the final week of the summer program this year.  As much as I love putting it all together, it is a relief to be done!  Cassie and I put so much love, time, and energy into this program, and I think it shows.  It’s a huge undertaking!!  But we’re also glad we’ve done it.  We will most certainly be back again next year.


This week’s theme is monsters.  Not the big scary ones though, the cute and fluffy ones.  I hope your kids enjoy!!


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  1. Thank you so much for creating these pages and sharing them! My oldest finished Kinder and he while he loves school, he is quickly bored with typical worksheets. These were fun and just the right length for us to work on new concepts or review old ones. It is so great to have resources at home to support his school teachers! Thanks again for putting so much work to helping others teach their littles!!

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