Teach Your Child to Read with HOMER

Teaching kids to read.

Every parent’s dream, right?

There are a few common themes I’ve noticed when talking to a parent considering homeschooling. And one big one is ‘How am I going to teach my child to read?’

Honestly, teaching my children to read was one of the most rewarding things I ever did. It was worth every second.

But some of those seconds were tedious, frustrating, and just not fun.

I found that they needed a lot more practice than I thought. They needed more time to cover the same material over and over again. But they also found it boring to repeat the same material over and over again.

Thankfully I found HOMER Reading when teaching Logi-Bear to read and it made a huge difference. He’s 9 now and still uses HOMER Reading sometimes to practice his skills a bit more.

Benefits of HOMER Reading

I have a strong opinion that all education should be fun, personal, and meaningful to the person learning. Honestly, if the material doesn’t fit all 3 points, it’s not going to be learned – especially when it comes to children.

How often do any of us remember having to learn something, remembering it for the test, and then promptly forgetting? I know I do! And that doesn’t seem to be a good use of time, in my opinion.

And that’s one reason that I really love HOMER Reading for teaching kids to read.

First of all, it’s personalized. The HOMER Reading program grows with your child and adjusts to fit them as they learn. This means it’s going to go as fast or slow as your child needs. It’s going to adjust based on the interactions your child has with the program.

Second, it’s meaningful. Homer Reading is age appropriate and includes many different topics for learning to read. So if your child loves space – they have a space section! Logi-Bear was thrilled to see a dinosaur section.

When learning to read, kids need material that interests them and is meaningful in some way. That might mean it’s on a topic they find interesting or deals with something at their age level. For instance, at 9 years old, Logi-Bear doesn’t want a baby-ish lesson. He wants something to fit him. But when he was younger, he did enjoy the younger material.

Lastly, it’s fun. HOMER Reading is full of colorful illustrations, interactive lessons, and includes extras likes games, songs, stories and more. Reading is fun and my goal has always been to make sure my kids know that reading is fun. But some reading programs can be tedious – especially for kids who aren’t as motivated to read.

HOMER Reading has a great balance of teaching kids to read and fun activities that promote reading. I think both are equally important.

Why I Love HOMER Reading as a Parent

I remember teaching Baloo (now 14) to read when he was about 5 or 6. He picked it up quickly but I didn’t know how to gauge how he was doing. I didn’t have any tests to determine if he was ‘grade level’ or any knowledge to know how to determine his reading level.

HOMER Reading provides a parent portal where you can track their progress and feel confident as to their reading level and progress.

How to Use HOMER Reading Along With Your Reading Curriculum

Before I get too far into this, I want to say that I think HOMER Reading can be used as a stand-alone reading curriculum. But if you already have a reading curriculum that you love (or just feel compelled to use because you bought it) then I absolutely think it’s worth it to add HOMER Reading to your schedule.

First of all, it can be done independently (or at least mostly independently, depending on your child). As parents, we need at least a bit of downtime in our day. Why not let them learn to read while we relax for a moment, right?

Second, HOMER Reading brings fun into reading. A lot of traditional material miss the fun aspect.

So, how do you add HOMER Reading into your schedule?

I’d set aside 10-15 minutes a day to let them explore HOMER Reading. Chances are, they’re going to ask for more time. That’ll be up to you.

Choose a time that you would like your child to be a bit more independent. Perhaps it’s first thing in the morning so you can clean up breakfast. Maybe it’s midday while you put another child down for a nap. Maybe it’s afternoon when you want 15 minutes of quiet.

HOMER Reading isn’t going to match your reading curriculum exactly, and that’s okay. It will be great review for your child and perhaps even introduce them to new material.

Either way, it’ll surely bolster what they are learning in their reading curriculum and make your child more excited about learning to read.

How to Get HOMER Reading For Your Child

You can try HOMER for FREE for 30 days

Try it with your kids for 30 days and see how much progress they can make.

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