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TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) Packs

Cowabunga, fellow turtle fans! 

Get ready to embark on an epic educational adventure with our totally tubular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Themed Printable Pack! 

Designed to engage kids from toddlers through 3rd grade, this pack is packed to the brim with activities that will have your little ones shouting “Turtle Power!” in no time. 

From sharpening math skills to igniting a love for reading, developing fine motor skills to solving mind-bending puzzles, and even indulging in matching games, this pack has it all! 

So grab your nunchucks and katana blades (pretend ones, of course) and let’s dive into the awesomeness that awaits!

Counting Cowabungas!

Math Madness Get ready to crunch some numbers with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by your side! Our math worksheets will transform the sometimes-daunting subject into a thrilling adventure. 

Help the turtles solve equations, count pizza slices, or complete number patterns, all while mastering essential math concepts. With the turtles’ enthusiasm and your child’s newfound love for numbers, math will no longer be a challenge, but an exciting shell-ride!

Reading Heroes in a Half-Shell: Beginning Reading Adventures 

Join Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael on an alphabet quest that will have your little ones discovering the wonders of reading. These activities introduce basic letter recognition, phonics, and sight words in a fun and interactive way. 

From word searches to word puzzles and even letter formation practice, these worksheets will make learning to read a shell of a good time. Watch as your child’s reading skills soar alongside their turtle heroes!

Fine Motor Mastery: Enhancing Fine Motor Skills 

Fine motor skills are crucial for young learners, and our printable pack is here to help your child refine those dexterity skills with the turtles by their side. 

With coloring pages featuring the ninja turtles and their allies, your child can unleash their creativity while honing attention to detail. 

Tracing paths, connecting dots, and navigating mazes will challenge their hand-eye coordination and problem-solving abilities. Get ready to witness their motor skills transform into ninja-level precision!

Puzzle-solving Ninjas: Mind-Bending Puzzles

Calling all puzzle enthusiasts! Brace yourselves for an array of mind-bending puzzles adorned with the vibrant TMNT theme. 

From crosswords to word searches and spot the differences challenges, these brain-teasers will put your child’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills to the ultimate test. As they immerse themselves in the world of the Ninja Turtles, watch their analytical abilities sharpen and their confidence skyrocket!

Matching with the Turtles: Match It Up! 

Matching games are not only fun but also excellent for developing visual perception, memory skills, and cognitive abilities. In this section, your child will have a blast finding matching pairs of characters, symbols, or shapes, all while immersing themselves in the TMNT world. 

As they uncover the matching combinations with the help of their turtle heroes, they’ll become masters of matching, ready to take on any challenge that comes their way!

Creative Turtle Art: Artistic Expression

Give your child’s creativity a radical boost with our artistic expression activities. From coloring pages featuring their favorite turtle pals to designing their own turtle masks or creating TMNT-themed artwork, this section encourages imaginative exploration. Watch as your little artist brings the turtles to life through their unique masterpieces!

Turtle Talk: Language and Vocabulary Building

Enhance your child’s language and vocabulary skills with the Turtle Talk section of our printable pack. Engaging activities like word scrambles, fill-in-the-blanks, and storytelling prompts featuring the Ninja Turtles will help expand their vocabulary and encourage confident communication. Watch as your child grows into a wordsmith, armed with the power of the turtles’ linguistic prowess.

With this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Themed Printable Pack, your child’s learning journey will become an action-packed adventure filled with math, reading, fine motor skills, puzzles, and more! 

From counting cowabungas to solving mind-bending puzzles and boosting critical thinking skills, this pack has everything you need to keep your little ninja engaged and excited about learning. 

So, gear up, unleash your child’s inner hero, and let the Ninja Turtles guide them through a shell-tastic learning experience they’ll never forget!

What’s in the packs?


Dot the Letters
Prewriting Pages
Cutting Stripes
Gluing Practice
9-Piece Puzzle
Matching Cards
Shape Tracing
Lacing Cards
TMNT Matching
Which is Different?
2-Piece Puzzles

3 Part Cards
Patterning Cards
What Comes Next
4-Piece Puzzles
Which is Different?
Prewriting Page
Beginning Sounds
1-10 Puzzle
11-20 Puzzle
Skip Counting by 5s
Skip Counting by 10s
Clip and Count Cards
Dot the Letters
Size Sorting
Shadow Matching
Roll and Graph
Roll and Color

Word Search
Word Unscramble
Roll and Color
1-10 Addition Puzzle
11-20 Addition Puzzle
Spin Addition
Spin Subtraction
Spin Multiplication
Spin Time
TMNT Number Bonds
TMNT Addition
TMNT Subtraction
TMNT Roll and Graph
TMNT Roll and Tally
TMNT Writing

What age range is this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle themed printable pack suitable for? 

This printable pack is designed for kids from toddlers through 3rd grade. It offers a wide range of activities that can be tailored to different age and skill levels within that range.

Are the activities in this pack aligned with educational standards?

While this pack focuses on providing fun and engaging activities, many of the concepts covered align with educational standards for early childhood and elementary education. The math activities cover number recognition, basic operations, and patterns, while the reading activities introduce letter recognition, phonics, and sight words. The pack aims to reinforce important foundational skills while incorporating the beloved TMNT theme.

Can these printable activities be used in a classroom setting?

Absolutely! Teachers can incorporate these activities into their lesson plans to reinforce specific skills or as engaging supplementary materials. They can be used during center time, as independent practice, or as part of a themed unit. The versatility of the pack allows for integration into various classroom settings.

Are there any instructions or guidance provided for using the printable pack?

Yes, the pack usually includes instructions or suggestions for each activity. These guidelines provide parents and teachers with a clear understanding of how to utilize the materials effectively. They offer tips for facilitating learning, extending the activities, and making the most out of each page.

Are the activities suitable for children with different learning styles or needs?

Yes, the activities in this pack are designed to cater to various learning styles and can be adapted to accommodate different needs. For instance, the fine motor activities help children develop their dexterity and coordination, which can be particularly beneficial for children with fine motor challenges. Additionally, the pack offers a mix of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic activities to engage children with different learning preferences.

Can these printable activities be reused or reproduced?

Once purchased or downloaded, the printable pack can be printed and used multiple times, making it a cost-effective resource for both parents and teachers. This allows for repeated practice and reinforcement of skills without the need for constant repurchasing.

Can these activities be completed independently by children?

Yes, many of the activities in this pack are designed to be completed independently by children. However, younger children may require some guidance or assistance from parents or teachers, particularly with the reading and more complex math activities. The pack offers a mix of activities suitable for independent work and those that can be done with adult support.

How can these activities be incorporated into a broader TMNT-themed learning experience?

Teachers and parents can use this pack as a starting point for creating a comprehensive TMNT-themed learning experience. They can incorporate related books, movies, or TV episodes, engage in discussions about teamwork, problem-solving, and leadership, and even extend the activities by incorporating art projects, science experiments, or dramatic play related to the TMNT universe. This pack serves as a springboard for a broader and immersive learning adventure.

Can the printable pack be customized or personalized?

The pack typically comes with pre-designed activities; however, parents and teachers can always modify or adapt the materials to suit individual needs or preferences. They can add their own twists, incorporate additional content, or tailor the activities to focus on specific skills or concepts. Flexibility is encouraged to ensure the best possible learning experience for each child.

TMNT Packs - Tot, PreK, and K-3rd.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Printable Pack

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Printable Pack!

Get the TMNT Printable Pack full of math, reading, writing, and so much more.

  • Toddler
  • PreK
  • Kinder - 3rd grade

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