Toddler Time Printables: Things That Fly

Lately, Logi-Bear has been very into coloring anything and everything, and he’s really into the ABCs.  He sings the ABC song all the time!  I wanted to create some files that were easily to use for him, and I wanted a big variety.  He’s just 2, so he doesn’t do most of the pages that I like to put in my preschool packs.  Therefore I decided to keep these packs short and sweet – I call them mini tot packs.


I’m hoping to be releasing many many mini tot packs over the next few months, time permitting.  Logi-Bear loves trucks, trains, and anything that moves so there might be a lot of those!  I’ll do my best to provide a broad selection though!

The theme for this week is Things That Fly.  I’ve got 5 sets: Airplane, Balloon, Helicopter, Kite, and Zeppelin.


This week I’m going to run through the pages and what I intended them for, but please don’t let that limit you!

Let your child color this page as they please (crayons, markers, paints, dot markets, stickers, etc!).  You can encourage them to trace the As with a crayon, pencil, finger, etc or just leave them to explore the letters themselves.  I typically will say things like ‘Oh, is that an A for Airplane?” randomly while they are working on the page.

Royal always loved pages like these.  I typically suggest that they connect the pictures, and they end up staying within the lies and writing the letter.  Some might also want to dot the airplanes with a dot marker.

We’re working on colors and I love the versatility of this page.  I often find myself doing most of the coloring, but it’s a great time to work WITH Logi-Bear (or Royal, who still does sheets like these!).  Once we’re done we might cut the images out and match them to other objects of the same color, play with them, glue them onto another sheet, etc!

This is a stamping or dot marker page.  Use letter stamps to made more letters or use dot markers to dot all the letters.  It could also just be used as a coloring page!


Prewriting skills.  So far I’ve just included the straight lines.  The idea is just to trace the lines and practice writing. 


To download the pages, go here!

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  1. Thank you for these! My little guy is two as well but since many of his friends are older he has been telling me he wants to go to school. I have used a couple preschool packs but they were a bit hard for him. These will be perfect and right on his level!

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