Tot school – 4th of July/Beach theme

Royal is 26.5 months

We had a great week – starting with some 4th of July activities and then moving on to our beach theme (which we will continue throughout July).
Royal didn’t do as much at our local fair as Baloo.  I think it was a bit overwhelming for him.  He did try a few things though!
He loved the cotton candy!
They attempted hula hoops but I don’t think we are quite there yet.
Watching the fireworks!   He loved the show!
Royal also did a sticker flag.  He actually did pretty well getting the stickers onto the white dots even though the color didn’t match.  He had a lot of fun with it though!  Flag page from Making Learning Fun.
He traced lines on a worksheet from 2 Teaching Mommies.
Royal got this Guidecraft nesting toy for his birthday and he played with it a lot this week!  He would stack them up, mix up the colors, put them on the board…etc!

Beach/Ocean Theme

We started our monthly beach/ocean theme this week with S is for Shark!  Royal loved working with the shark material! 
He dot painted the S is for shark page.
And colored his S page.
We got out some blue playdough and he had a blast with it!  He rolled it out, cut it up, used some cookie cutters , and just mashed it with his hands. 

He did the S alphabet page from Homeschool Creations.  I cut out the pictures and he glued them down!

I finally made a sensory bin and the boys loved it!!  I’ll have to write a more detailed post about what is in there this week.

We had the opportunity to go pick some blueberries this week with our homeschool group and although it was insanely hot, we had a great time.   And the blueberries we got were amazing!!  We have checked out Blueberries for Sal from the library and are going to do some activities with it!
That’s all from this week!!  Look for more great tot school ideas at 1+1+1=1!

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