Truck Heads and Tails Puzzle Cards

It’s no secret by now that my boys love trucks, trains, planes, etc.  Basically, anything that “goes” is entertaining to them.  These Truck Heads and Tails puzzle cards were the perfect activity. Great for visual skills, great for fine motor skills, and great for entertaining the truck loving kids!

Truck Puzzles – Heads and Tails

I love simple matching games. They’re great for kids to practice their visual discrimination skills and so easy to do/put together.

I especially love this one because its truck themed!

All of my kids have passed through a truck or train phase and that has made me love the theme that much more.

How to Use the Truck Puzzles

I started of laying a few of the cards out for Logi-Bear and showing him how I match together the front and the back.

We started with just 4 sets so as not to overwhelm. You know your child best so choose an amount that works for them.

And I suggest to always round down when it comes to first starting an activity like this. If it’s too easy you can always add more.

But if it’s overwhelming, it’ll be hard getting them to come back to it.


He was thrilled when I presented the first set to him!

And he picked up on the matching right away. He could see the goal almost immediately and started matching the heads and tails by himself.


Not that there weren’t some troubles…But this is exactly the type of skill I was hoping he’d be working one!

Understanding that this card was upside down is an important visual skill that most toddlers and preschoolers still need to work on.


Big brother (Royal) came to help and I was a bit surprised to see that this was a great exercise for him as well.


Get Even More Transportation Printables Here

Like I said earlier, all of my kids have gone through a trucks, trains, planes, etc phase at least once. So it’s been a reoccurring theme in our house for over 10 years now.

As such, it’s well represented in the printables I offer.

There are math printables, reading printables, and more.

Find the slew of great transportation themed printables here.

Get Your Download Here

Go here to download the Heads/Tails Cards!

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  1. thank you so much for doing this.  they were so super cute i couldn't wait, so i printed them out, laminated them, and my three year old is playing with them right now.  
    i just found your site — LOVE IT!

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