Turkey Fractions Booklet and Activity

There’s nothing that says Thanksgiving more than a turkey teaching fractions (just kidding).

Come meet this Tom Turkey that accidentally baked too much pie and doesn’t quite know how to get rid of it all.

Turkey Fraction Set

Fractions are one topic I love to approach from multiple angles. They can be very confusing. Especially since the higher the denominator, the smaller the number. Which seems backwards from what we usually see in math.

But when we approach it different ways, most (if not all) kids can find a way that fractions make sense to them.

Sometimes that means cooking a recipe (and doubling it!), cutting a pizza, measuring distances, etc.

Fractions start to make more sense when we show real world examples (isn’t that true of most math?).

This Turkey Fraction set is a cute way to talk about fractions and see the difference in size.

What’s Included in the Set

There are three parts to this turkey fraction set:

  • The Turkey Fraction story booklet
  • Fraction Clip Cards
  • Color by Fraction Page

How to Use the Turkey Fraction Set

There are 3 parts to this set.

The first is the Turkey Fractions booklet.

This is a cute little story about a turkey trying to get rid of some pie…by asking you to take it. He starts off small, just asking you to take 1/4 of a pie. As the booklet goes on, he gets a bit more bold and asks you to take more and more.

The next part is a set of clip cards. This is for some easy review.

There are multiple ways to use clip cards. If you want to use them the traditional way with clothespins, I recommend printing on cardstock and/or laminating. They need they support to hold up the clothespins.

If you don’t have clothespins (or don’t want to use clothespins) then there are other options, too!

  • Cover the right answer with glass/plastic gems, playdough, small erasers, cheerios, etc.
  • Laminate the cards and circle the answer with dry erase markers
  • Use them as flashcards

The last piece is a color by fraction page.

It’s a simple page where you color the pie based on the fraction key at the bottom.

This is great for review to make sure they can identify these common fractions.

Get the Download here

You can get your own copy of the Turkey Fractions right here.

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