Valentine’s Day Play Dough Pops

I was trying to think of a fun present for Valentines day that didn’t include candy, and I know play dough is always a hit with the kids.  I thought little play dough pops, like cake pops, would be adorable.

Valentine Play Dough Pops

I used this play dough recipe from The Crafty Crow and was very happy with the playdough.  We used pink, red, and purple, though any colors would be great for v-day.  To top it off, I included a little heart shaped cookie cutter that I bought from Walmart’s V-Day aisle.

To keep the play dough fresh I wrapped them in cellophane and tied it off with a ribbon.  I love how they turned out!  It’s a very simple and fun present!  And, big bonus, no candy!!

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