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Silly Sentences: Winter Style! Roll a Silly Winter Sentence

Make writing and reading fun with Silly Sentences!  Roll a winter sentence is a fun way to practice both skills with a winter theme!

Whether you live in an area where winter simply doesn’t happen or you’re stuck inside because winter is actually happening, silly winter sentences are the best answer.  We don’t see much winter so our winter celebrations mainly exist will silly school.  Roll a sentence seems to be one of their favorites!  They really enjoy helping me choose what to put on each side to make the best silly sentences.

Winter week is half over but we’ve had plenty of exciting printables!  And more to come!  The special Winter newsletter will be coming up on Tuesday with an exclusive winter printable.  Do not miss it by signing up below!


How to Set Up the Roll a Winter Sentence


Pocket Dice (aka Photo Cubes)
or just print and tape the smaller ones together!


To make the paper dice, just cut on the outside lines.  Fold on the smaller lines and tape the edges together.  It’s a bit tedious, but it does get easier the more you do it!  I’ve made approximately 5 billion of these things by now!

If you’re using the photo cubes, just print and cut the pages.  You can print on paper – no need for cardstock!


How to Play with the Roll a Winter Sentence

We keep this activity fun and silly.  Throw the dice as hard as you can into the air, and see what lands.  The less it makes sense, the more my kids enjoy it.


You could easily add more onto this.  Have them write their sentences or illustrate them in a journal.  Let them choose a sentence and find the silliest one they can come up with.

Click here to download the Roll a Silly Winter Sentence!

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