Zz is for Zeppelin–Zoomin Moving ABCs

Well it’s taken a long time, since I initially started this project for Royal almost 3 years ago, but letter Z is finally out!!  I have to take a second to thank everyone for sticking around with me on this set.  It’s technically not finished yet, because I have a few more things planned.  But the base of it is complete!


What’s In The Pack?
Z is for Zeppelin coloring page
Dot the Z’s
Stamp the Z’s
Connect the Zeppelins
Prepare for Z
Trace the Z
Prepare for 26
Trace the 26
Paste the Zeppelins to the Z
Sort the Z’s and z’s
Z dot marker page
Tracing pages (tot and preK versions)
Color the Zeppelins
Tot and PreK Puzzles
Practice Dice and Graphing
1-10 Puzzle
Color by size
Match the letters
Color by letter
Flash cards
Count the Zeppelins
Dot Marker pages


Go Here to Download Zz is for Zeppelins

Zz is for Zeppelin - Zoomin Moving ABCs

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  1. Congratulations on completing the alphabet! What an immense undertaking. Well done! Hope you’re keeping well.

  2. Wow, thank you SO MUCH for creating and making available this amazing pre-school pack!I teach all day kindergarten full time but have three little boys of my own at home (3yrs,2yrs, and 5months). I just started pre-school with the older boys this summer and in looking for something engaging for them, your zooming moving alphabet was PERFECT!!! It’s something I would have loved to creat for them, but just don’t have the time as I’m supporting my family financially right now. I’m prepping all the letter materials this summer and I’m dying to jump into the alphabet because I know the boys will LOVE learning the letters with trucks and excavators and trains. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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