7 Tips for Correcting Kid’s Mistakes


Kids make mistakes and mistakes are a big part of learning. But the key to using mistakes in learning is to respond the right way. And not to be vague, but the right way will vary by kid. But I'd like to share the right way for us in case it might inspire. I think we can all agree, making mistakes is part of life. One of the best ways to learn something new is to make a mistake! Case in point, I've been trying to do Facebook Live videos. They're a LOT of fun and Ive made a LOT of mistakes. … [Continue reading...]

Fourth of July Water Gun Tye Dye Shirts


I kind of have a love/hate relationship with holidays but I really enjoy getting in a holiday mood.  And the Fourth of July is a pretty tame holiday.  There just aren't as many expectations as other holidays.  Have a BBQ, see the fireworks, curse at your neighbors still celebrating at 11 p.m. (even though it's illegal to have fireworks...).  I digress. We don't usually do outfits for any holiday, least of all the Fourth of July.  But I had to try this. I heard about a local event where … [Continue reading...]

3 Easy Steps to Setting Up a Science Experiment for Kids


Hi and Welcome to Royal Baloo! If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed , Facebook Page, Pinterest, or G+ Page. Thanks for visiting!Science is the ultimate tool to get kids interested in learning (in my opinion).  Science can cover so many subjects and it can be so much fun.  […]

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Swing In To Summer Learning Week 5: Monsters

We have just started really using week 1 and I have to say, it’s going better than I thought.  None of them like to write and there is a good amount of writing in the program.  But they don’t mind this writing!!  Baloo, the one most adverse to writing, actually asked me to print out […]

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Are Vampire Bats Real? Easy Reader


Kids naturally love learning but I’ve found, at least with the younger ages, nonfiction books can be a bit overwhelming.  The information often doesn’t read like a normal book and kind of just has little blurbs randomly spread over the page.  My kids don’t often pick up nonfiction books, and I think that has something […]

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Dot Marker ABCs Letter Qq for Quilt


Kids make the best observations.  And the most embarrassing.  When doing laundry the other day, Logi-Bear found a bra of mine.  He didn’t have the right word so he called it my “boob holder”.  Just glad it didn’t come up in public! When we first started learning about Q he called it the “O with […]

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9 Simple Tips for a Smooth Road Trip with Kids


Road trips sound like a lot of fun until you are facing one with a toddler. Even a young child. But I promise you, road trips with kids can be fun. Even with toddlers. I come to this topic with a good bit of experience. We made the drive from Alabama to Arizona (27 hours…) […]

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Finding Dory Addition Game


The first thing I heard when I woke up Friday was “Finding Dory comes out today!!”. I honestly don’t know how they knew. We don’t really watch TV. Or YouTube. Or anything with commercials. I suspect it was my mother (who is way more excited for Finding Dory than anyone else in existence). Still, surprised […]

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Swing Into Learning Week 4: Bugs!!


We are not dealing with boredom at our house, but we are dealing with too much to do and boys waking up way to early.  They can use the summer program pretty much independently so I’m just going to start leaving it out in the morning.  They will have something quiet to do for a […]

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Fact Family Themed Mats


Teaching math can be one of the most fun and most frustrating experiences.  I love math.  As Lindsay Lohan said in Mean Girls, it’s the same in every country.  Math is a constant.  But teaching math can be it’s own beast.  Especially at the beginning, which is where we are with Logi-Bear. The funny thing […]

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