5 Ways to Get Moving with Math


My kids wiggle.  They're just wiggly.  Even at nearly 10, Baloo wiggles.  They just want to be moving!  So I figure I can fight it and somehow force them to be still (which would be impossible) or I can work with it. Certain subjects get more wiggles than others and math tends to be a wiggly subject.  Especially when it gets tough.  So we like to move with math.  It gets out their energy, they're learning, and I'm not pulling out my hair in wiggly frustrations.   The thing about … [Continue reading...]

24 Math Games to Learn Math the Fun Way


I love playing board games with the boys and I hate it at the same time.  On the one hand, it's great for learning how to take turns, losing to lose, learning to win, and it's great family time.  On the other hand, it's heartbreaking to watch your kid getting more and more frustrated by losing.  I'll admit it, I've thrown a game before.  Not often but I have broken down a few times. Well at one point I realized that board games could actually be pretty educational and that the boys would … [Continue reading...]

How Minecraft Will Help Your Kids Learn This Summer


Hi and Welcome to Royal Baloo! If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed , Facebook Page, Pinterest, or G+ Page. Thanks for visiting!I’m sure I don’t have the only kids that will talk your ear off about Minecraft, right? Baloo (nearly 10) and I just went on an errand […]

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10 Amazing Math Manipulatives You Already Own


Making math real to kids is one of the best ways for them to actually grasp the material.  Math can be very abstract and many kids just don’t grasp that as easily.  Math manipulatives make math so much more concrete and real. The easiest way I’ve found to make it real is use real objects.  […]

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12 Tools to Make Math Exciting


We have a habit when we go on road trips to buy a bunch of new toys and activity booklets in hopes that they will be exciting enough that we can make it through the road trip.  Granted, it works pretty well.  I actually hide the new things until we hit the first breaking point.  […]

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Active Learning – Simple Tools to Engage your Kids


Learning should be fun.  Kids should have fun learning.  Learning happens best when it is fun. It all sounds good, right?  But why?  Why should learning be fun?  And what does “fun” entail? I’m constantly talking about making learning fun  but my real goal is teaching kids how to learn.  But the catch is, if […]

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LEGO Brick Wind Car Races


Sometimes it can be hard to get kids to go along with an activity that seems educational, even if it is a fun activity at it’s core.  However, I’ve learned, when LEGO® Bricks are involved, they’re game.  Every.single.time. So when I saw a book for Learning with LEGO®, I knew it would be awesome.  This […]

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Exploding Tic Tac Toe Cooperative Races


We are well into summer which means the regular kind of cool activities are no longer cutting it.  I’m having to up my game. A few years ago I did a bunch of activities featuring water and I thought I wanted to do more like that.  Well, the activity morphed beyond water play, but it […]

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Scratch Off Fun Multiplication Practice

Practicing multiplication facts is boring.  I don’t remember it being an issue as a kid, but I was really into school.  My kids aren’t like that.  They don’t learn for no reason.  Learning is a natural response to an interest, and they’re not interested in math facts.  I wouldn’t push, but I think memorizing facts […]

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Free Dot Marker ABCs Printable Letter Rr


Kids don’t typically like doing the same thing over and over, right?  That’s one problem I ran into with Logi-Bear (and the others, to be honest) with a lot of techniques I tried.  He liked activities the first time, maybe even the second time.  After that he was done.  But we cannot just quit.  That’s […]

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