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Baloo is our oldest child and the active, fun-loving, always-laughing child.  He loves being around other people and playing games – any kind of game.  He prefers fun activities for school, so we try to make learning as FUN as possible.  He loves to read, loves dragons, and loves Minecraft.

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Royal is now our easy-going,  go-with-the-flow kids.  Being the middle child, he’s game for just about anything.  He loves everything his older and younger brothers love, but his real passion in life is cats.  He’s very flexible and loves to do gymnastic-like moves all the time.

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Logi-Bear is stubborn and hard-headed, though I mean that is a mostly positive way.  He knows what he wants to do and will fight to do it.  He loves letters and the ABCs, trucks, trains, planes, boats, etc.

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