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Welcome to Build Up! To Summer Learning; a summer program by 3 Dinosaurs and Royal Baloo.In week 2 we have a Pond theme!In Week 2 you will find:
Letters F-J
Numbers 6-10
Shapes circle, square, triangle, oval, rectangleSight Words:
PreK: down, for, it, see, two
Kinder: am, came, now, well, yes
First: an, give, had, of, stop
Second: because, fast, sing, which, yourWord Families:
Kinder: The Bug in the Jug Wants a Hug: og, et, at, ed, ig
First:  The Nice Mice in the Rice: ake, ace, ine, oat, ice
Second: Second: ong, atch, ack, uck, eck





Day 1
Camping Week 2 Day 1: Tot
Camping Week 2 Day 1: Preschool

Camping Week 2 Day 1: Kindergarten
Camping Week 2 Day 1: First Grade
Camping Week 2 Day 1: Second Grade
Day 2
Camping Week 2 Day 2: Tot
Camping Week 2 Day 2: Preschool

Camping Week 2 Day 2: Kindergarten
Camping Week 2 Day 2: First Grade
Camping Week 2 Day 2: Second Grade



Day 3
Camping Week 2 Day 3: Tot
Camping Week 2 Day 3: Preschool

Camping Week 2 Day 3: Kindergarten
Camping Week 2 Day 3: First Grade
Camping Week 2 Day 3: Second Grade
Day 4
Camping Week 2 Day 4: Tot
Camping Week 2 Day 4: Preschool

Camping Week 2 Day 4: Kindergarten
Camping Week 2 Day 4: First Grade
Camping Week 2 Day 4: Second Grade



Day 5
Camping Week 5 Day 5: Tot
Camping Week 5 Day 5: Preschool

Camping Week 5 Day 5: Kindergarten
Camping Week 5 Day 5: First Grade
Campi Week 5 Day 5: Second Grade

Pirate Extras


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