Zoomin Moving Alphabet


I’ve been blessed with two little boys who absolutely love trains, trucks, car, planes, and basically anything that zooms, moves, or vrooms. Whenever we are driving down the road, it is an adventure because we see all kinds of trucks and vehicles!! And when we were lucky enough to live next to an army airfield, we saw helicopters hourly. They loved it!
I just knew that creating an ABC series centered around Things That Go would be a hit! Royal and Logi-Bear are just 2 years apart so I’m trying to create printables that they can both use. So all of the printables in the Zoomin Movin Alphabet will be Tot School and Preschool based!
The printables are not designed to all be used in one week! In fact, we don’t use them all! I let Logi-Bear color/play with random sheets throughout the week, and I try to let Royal choose what he would like to work out. He picks out the sheet and I print it out, and we work on it together. We probably print out 10 sheets a week on average.



Alphabet Packs Already Released:

AaAmbulance BbBus CcCementMixer

DdDumpTruck  EeExcavator  FfFireTruck  GgGarbageTruck
 HhHelicopter  IiIceCreambutton  JjJeepButton  KkKayak
 LlLimo  MmMailTruck_thumb.jpg  NnNewspaperbutton OoOilTruck
PpPolice QqQuadBike RrRocket SsSemi
TtTrain UuUnicycle.jpg VvVan WwWagon
XxTaxi YyYacht ZzZeppelin.jpg


wallcardss  AEReviewlong



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