Build Up! To Summer Learning



Welcome to Build Up to Summer Learning.For the 3rd year in a row Cassie from 3 Dinosaurs and I have teamed up to bring you a fun an engaging summer learning program.  It is comprised of 5 weeks of themed learning fun for kids from tot up to 2nd grade.  We cover mostly language arts and math for the older grades, and letters, numbers, shapes, colors, etc for the younger kids.I hope you enjoy your summer learning! buildup-250_thumb.jpg



Week 1: Pirates
buildupweek1Click Here to Download Week 1
Week 2:
Click Here to Download Week 2

Week 3: Robots
buildupweek3Click Here to Download Week 3
Week 4: Farm
Click Here to Download Week 4
Week 5: Camping


Click Here to Download Week 5

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