Jump In! Space

Welcome to Jump In! To Summer Learning; a summer program by 3 Dinosaurs and Royal Baloo.  In week 1 we have a Space theme! 

What can you expect from this summer program?

The whole program includes 5 weeks of printables in 5 different themes.  This week is a space theme where we will cover math and language arts for toddler through first grade!  If you want more information about the summer programs, make sure to check out this Printable Summer Camps page!

How does this work?

The printables are separated by day. Just downloaded the PDF file for the day and print it out. Nice and simple!

Each link is below (bookmark this p age for easy access!)

There is 4 pages per level per day. We've tried to have a variety of materials each day so we can cover reading,  writing, math, and maybe something else too!

Read more about it here!

In Week 1 you will find:
Tot: Letters A, E, M, R, and U

Sight Words:
PreK: up, go, red, away, jump
Kinder: who, black, no, there, did
First: ask, fly, could, some, walk

Word Families:
The Bug in the Jug Wants a Hug: am, un, id, en, ot
The Nice Mice in the Rice: ee, oad, ole, ose, iles

Here are some extra books and materials you might find helpful for the theme this week:

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