Using Printables for Math

My boys aren’t in love with math.  That’s a big of an understatement, they really don’t like math.  So we try to avoid worksheet-type math as much as possible, in favor of games, manipulatives, and stories.  Here are a few ways you can practice math using printables!

One of my favorite printable math games is graphing.  It’s so easy to turn into a game and you can easily make it physical too.  I often have the boys throw the dice as far as they can and run after it.
Using Printables for Math

I gave Royal the dice and 1-5 sheet from my Frankenstein pack.  We used a handful of gems for markers and we would roll until we were out of gems!  Whichever one had the most was the winner!
Using Printables for Math


I love to include puzzles in my packs because they’re generally pretty fun!  This is a 1-10 addition puzzle that would probably be best for late Kinder.  I also like to do this 1-10, skip counting, and subtraction.  I cut up the pieces and give them to Baloo/Royal with a piece of paper and some glue. 
Using Printables for Math

Then they put them down in order to make the picture!  This is from my Candy Corn Math pack.
Using Printables for Math

Patterning!  There are so many ways to practice patterning, especially in printable packs.  My boys love to use dot markers, so we often dot patterns.  This page comes from 3 Dinosaurs’ Pumpkin Pack
Using Printables for Math

After we made a few patterns, we used candy corn and candy pumpkins to make the patterns again!
Using Printables for Math


Roll and Color (or Roll and Cover)
We use dot markers, but if you wanted to reuse this page you could use gems, or small manipulatives, or anything to cover the number!
I printed off the addition page for Baloo (the one that takes 2 dice) and the other for Royal.  Each boy got their dice and they started rolling!  When Royal rolled he would count the dots and dot that number.

These pages are from my candy corn math pack.Using Printables for Math

When Baloo rolled he would add the numbers and dot the number!
Using Printables for Math


This was the main reason for making the candy corn math pack.  I wanted to do some fun hands on math.  First Baloo guessed how many he could pick up.  Then, after he picked up a handful, I had him estimate how many were in the pile.  Then we counted them.
Since he guessed and estimated so low, we had to subtract his guess and estimate from the actual to figure out how close he was.
Using Printables for Math

There are of course many many other ways to practice math with printables!!  I’ve just highlighted a few of our favorites!  If you have a favorite math activity, feel free to share in the comments!


This is day 9 is my 31 Days of Homeschool Printables series!  Check out the main page here for more printables and ideas!

4 thoughts on “Using Printables for Math”

  1. Love your site! It’s been so helpful as we’ve just started homeschooling this year.

    Your post gave me an idea. It doesn’t require a printable, but it does have to do with math! 🙂

    My girls love playing with dice, so I’m going to make up a game where they guess the number of “points” they’ll get on one or two throws of the dice. Then we’ll work on addition/subtraction/number writing as we figure out the difference between their guess and their actual throw.

    Does that even make sense? I guess I’ll find out tomorrow when I try it out! It’s late, and I think my brain just shut down for the night. Ha ha!

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