28 Days of Fine Motor Challenge–Week 1

28 Days of Fine Motor Challenge Week 1

We had a really fun week with fine motor this week and I can’t wait to continue this challenge for the rest of the month!


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Day 1: Putting cheerios on a dry spaghetti noodle
I put this out for Baloo and Royal, not knowing how much they were going to love it.  This was Royal’s set up:
28 Days of Fine Motor

I gave Baloo a full noodle to give him a bit more of a challenge.  They raced a bit, they noticed that some cheerios are more oval like, and some are more circular.  Baloo realized he could tip the noodle upside down and dump the cheerios right into his mouth!
28 Days of Fine Motor

The decided to fill up every single noodle!
28 Days of Fine Motor


Day 2: Finger Dot Painting
I wanted to do an activity to day that practiced fine motor skills and letter identification for Royal.  I came up with finger dot painting!!  I set out a page with the letter C on it (our letter this week) and also a page for Baloo with a sight word on it, and then a paper plate with 2 colors.28 Days of Fine Motor

I told them we were going to dot the letters with our fingers.  Baloo was very into it and immediately decided to do a pattern.  He had a blue finger and an orange finger and set about right away.
28 Days of Fine Motor

Royal had to concentrate a bit more to stay on the line.  He did really well for the big C but got a bit distracted with the little c.  He did complete it though, and he recognized the letter!
28 Days of Fine Motor

After this they went on to just paint with their fingers.


Day 3:
Fine Motor Lunch
I love to do communal lunches for the boys from time to time. (Something that was greatly inspired by 1+1+1=1)  The boys eat better like this, eat more, and we seem to connect better at lunch time (which otherwise tends to be a quick meal).  I put out chopsticks to get some great fine motor action in!
28 Days of Fine Motor

After lunch Logi-Bear continued the fine motor practice by trying to pick up some dice.  He actually got them a few times too!
28 Days of Fine Motor


Day 4:
Letter Stamping
As part of my Zoomin Movin Alphabet, I have stamping pages.  I put out one of the stamping pages with the letter C and c and a stamping pad. 
28 Days of Fine Motor

In the end we had some stamping and some dot painting!
28 Days of Fine Motor


Day 5
Locks and keys.
We have a selection of old locks and keys that I like to put out for the boys from time to time.  I have all the keys on one string and lay the locks out as shown.
28 Days of Fine Motor

Usually the boys just try to open the locks, but Royal decided to fit them all in and leave them there.
28 Days of Fine Motor


Day 6
Coloring matching with clothespins
I think I initially made this when Baloo was just 3 years old.  He was not interested in it at all back then.  I finally got it back out and he loved it, as did Royal!
We have 8 colors in total, but I was worried that it would be too much.  I just set out 4 to start.
28 Days of Fine Motor

Baloo had no trouble!
28 Days of Fine Motor


Day 7
We got out our trusty latches board by Melissa and Doug for some fun fine motor.  All of the boys love this board!  I find it to be most fun with Royal though.  We talked about the colors, we could the doors, count the animals inside, and practice ringing the doorbell and opening the different doors.  It’s just so much fun!
28 Days of Fine Motor

Royal is a huge cat lover, so this is his favorite door.  He says that he is the cat in the middle, Baloo is on the left, and Logi-Bear on the right.
28 Days of Fine Motor

Fine motor at work!
28 Days of Fine Motor


Day 8
Another great fine motor toy, which I have talked about a lot before, is this doorbell house by Melissa and Doug!  I just can’t get enough of this house, and luckily the boys love it too. 
Doorbell House - 28 Days of Fine Motor

I love setting up different things inside and surprising the boys.  Peek-a-boo!
Doorbell house - 28 Days of Fine Motor



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28 Days of Fine Motor


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