28 Days of Fine Motor Challenge–Week 4

I’m not going to sugar coat this – I’ve totally failed this challenge.  The past 3 weeks for my family has been a whirlwind of sickness (2 E.R. visits), followed by the loss of a family pet, and the loss of my grandmother.  We’ve spent more time just being together and trying to feel better than worrying about any blogging or challenges.  In 14 days we’ve only done 3 days of fine motor.


Here is what we did do though!

Buttons in an egg tray!
I set out the tray and a pile of buttons.  I let the boys sort them as they wanted (first they sorted by size, then color)

Logi-Bear found this PVC-like tube and decided to send the buttons flying through it.  Also great fine motor practice!


Dot markers!
Naturally, we got the dot markers out to paint with them.  Logi-Bear always has other ideas with the dot markers though!  He merely enjoyed twisting off the lids…

Stacking the lids up…

And standing the markers up (lidless!).  We played this game of stack the lids, match the tops, twist on and off more than a few times. 


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28 Days of Fine Motor


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