Fireworks Reading!


Well we are halfway through our Fourth of July theme – fireworks!!  The boys are really enjoying our firework activities although I’ve realized that now we’re going to have to actually go to see fireworks this weekend!

Anyway, for some reading practice we made some fireworks!!

I had the boys color these paper bags red, white, and blue.

Then I cut them out in the shape of fireworks.  The boys added glue and glitter and I added sight words (and the letter F for Royal). 
DSC03137 DSC03140  


Then I cut out a bunch of blue and red fireworks and wrote down a bunch of words ending in –an and –at.  I had Baloo glue all the –an words on red and the –at words on blue.


Our beautiful fireworks!!!


To make the fireworks cut out a circle and fold in half twice.

Cut out 2 triangles

Then you’ll have a beautiful firework!!

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