Free Fairy Packs for Tot, PreK, and K-2nd

A month or so ago someone asked if I had any printable packs for older kids with the a fairy theme.  I didn’t and it sounded like fun, so here it is!  I’ve added some new pages, especially in the K-2nd pack.  I hope you enjoy!

Fairy Packs for tot, PreK,Kindergarten, first and second grades

What’s in the pack?
Ff is for fairy, Ff is for frog, Dot the Ff’s, Dot Marker Page, Prewriting Pages, cutting strips, 9-piece puzzle, matching cards, shape tracing, fairy matching, Which is different?

PreK: 3-part cards, patterning cards, what comes next?, 4 piece puzzles, which is different?, prewriting page, beginning sounds, whatcolor is the fairy?, 1-10 puzzle, 11-20 puzzle, clip and count cards, dot the Ffs, shadow matching, roll and graph, roll and color, trace the fairy, color by size, ff is for fairy/frog, read and write the room, dot marker, color by letter.

K-2nd:  Froggy Number Bonds, fairy ABC order, color the nouns, spin the time, fairy word search, word scrambles, roll and color, 1-10 addition puzzle, 11-20 addition puzzle, Skip count by 10s puzzle, spin addition, spin subtraction, fairy addition, fairy subtraction, fairy coin matching, odd/even sorting, roll and graph, beginning sounds, writing page, measuring page. Widgets

Go Here to Download the Fairy Packs

Fairy Packs for tot, PreK,Kindergarten, first and second grades

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