Magic Paper Towel Art

Adding an art activity is important in every theme and this magical paper towel art is perfect for any theme. I love doing this for kids and watching as their eyes expand the first time.

Then, inevitably, they want to make their own! Hours of fun.

Kids of all ages love the magic in this paper towel art. It’s simple and fun!

Magical Art with Paper Towels

I knew the first time I saw this kind of activity that it would be perfect for any theme. You can show motion and change in these in such a fun way.

And it turned out just the way I imagined!

I knew my kids would be surprised the first time and then want to do it on their own. And sure enough, that’s exactly what happened. They wanted to make their own and show them off to me, instead.

Watch the Magical Paper Towel Art Here

How to Make Your Own Paper Towel Weather Art


  • Paper Towel
  • Container with water (sink is fine, too)
  • Markers

There’s not a lot to this fun activity – which just adds to it’s allure.

Start by getting a paper towel and folding it in half.

Draw the outline of a design – and make sure it bleeds through enough to trace it on the 2nd layer.

Trace the picture again on the 2nd layer.

Then color in your design or add other elements. The more the better!

Lastly, give it to someone to drop into the water (or do it yourself!)

Watch their reaction and enjoy!

Tips For Your Magical Paper Towel Art

We did quite a few of these because it was just a lot of fun. So I have a few tips from our trials.

  • Make sure to color the 2nd layer heavily. The more extra color, the better the result!
  • Ensure you’re holding the paper towel sides together when dropping it in the water. Just a little bit off and the picture won’t turn out right.

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