Reindeer Glyph

Reindeer Glyph

I’ve always thought glyphs were so cute and love that they tell a story about the person doing the craft.  The boys are really into Rudolph and reindeer right now, so a reindeer glyph seemed like the answer!  I made up a quick printable so everyone can make their own reindeer glyphs!  It’s available for download on my Reindeer Pack Page (scroll to the bottom for the glyph)

Materials Needed:
Reindeer Glyph
Construction paper:
-Brown for head
-Black for Antlers and nose
-Green for bowtie/holly
-Red for nose
-Yellow for bells
Googly Eyes (small and/or large)

We started off just reading through the instructions and adding the parts of the reindeer as we went.  Royal was pretty excited to make a reindeer!

Reindeer Glyph

Baloo was very serious with getting everything added just right.
Reindeer Glyph

Our reindeer!!
Reindeer Glyph

Royal was very upset when we didn’t end up with any legs, so we added some legs real quick!
Reindeer Glyph


Download your Reindeer Glyph Page Here!!

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